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Our fund realizes the importance of personal information and takes the following measures.

  1. Our fund establishes a personal information manager in order to manage information ("Personal Information" hereinafter) regarding the members and persons with vested rights ("Members etc." hereinafter). The managing director shall take the role of personal information manager.
  2. Our fund obtains the necessary Personal Information regarding Members etc. through the following means in order to take procedures for pension benefits and lump-sum benefits ("Benefits" hereinafter) pursuant to Our fund's regulations.
    • (1) By procedures of participation /change/termination, etc., regarding Our fund followed by the offices of the company which employs the Members etc.
    • (2) By procedures regarding payment claims and notifications of the current status/change submitted by Members etc.
    • (3) By fair and appropriate means (such as going through the Pension Fund Association), in order to confirm the obligation of payments to the Members etc.
    • (4) By inquiring public institutions by agreement of or commission from the Members etc.
  3. Our fund will appropriately manage the Personal Information obtained pursuant to the above paragraph and will not provide or disclose the information to any third parties without the agreement of the Members and persons with vested rights, for the cases other than given below:
    • (1) Cases based on laws and regulations
    • (2) Cases where the fund's operation is consigned to a management company (such as trust banks) based on a commission contract
  4. Our fund will ensure that the companies to which we provide the Personal Information based on the agreement by the operation management companies and Members etc. listed in the above 3, to ensure appropriate management by clearly stipulating not to leak or re-present the Personal Information in the contract with them.
  5. Our fund may send mail or call the Members, etc. via communication means such as mailing and telephone service in order to protect the rights of the Members etc., to receive payments and to supply information or to ensure to inform the status of the fund.
  6. If the Members etc., wish to inquire/correct their own Personal Information, Our fund will make every effort in answering reasonable requests which will result in causing extraordinary burdens to Our fund. If the Members etc., are employed by the offices of the company, please make such requests through those offices.
  7. Our fund will strictly follow the laws and regulations applied to the Personal Information held by ourselves, review the measures mentioned above as necessary, and continuously make improvements.
  8. This policy will be subject to review for improvement and changes without notice.

Purpose of using personal data

  • Management of pension and lump-sum benefits
  • Mailing the Claim form
  • Mailing the Current Status Notification Form and Payment Notification
  • Mailing P&G Pension News

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Site Map

Basic policy on proper handling of specific personal information, etc.
The P&G Group Corporate Pension Fund has established a basic policy for ensuring proper handling of individual numbers and specific personal information of its members, pension recipients, etc. (hereinafter, “Specific Personal Information, etc.”), and Specific Personal Information, etc. of the Fund’s staff and other workers that is handled through its operations.

  1. Proper handling of Specific Personal Information, etc.
    The Fund has formulated regulations on the handling of specific personal information, based on which it handles Specific Personal Information, etc. in a proper manner.
  2. Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, etc.
    The Fund handles Specific Personal Information, etc. properly in compliance with laws and regulations relating to Specific Personal Information, etc., and with guidelines and other standards formulated by the Specific Personal Information Protection Commission.
  3. Matters regarding security control measures
    With respect to security control measures for Specific Personal Information, etc., the Funds takes all necessary measures for appropriate management of specific personal information, including prevention of divulgence, loss of or damage to Specific Personal Information, etc.
  4. Contact for inquiries on Specific Personal Information, etc.
    The Fund responds properly to inquiries, etc., including inquiries on the handling of Specific Personal Information, etc. To make an inquiry or lodge a complaint, please refer to the following contact details.
The Fund’s point of contact for inquiries on Specific Personal Information, etc.
<Office location> 7-1-18 Onoe-dori Chuo-ku Kobe, Hyogo 651-0088 Japan
<Specific personal information manager> Masamichi Hino, Managing Director
<Phone number> 078-336-6922 <Office hours> 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays
<E-mail address> japanpension.im@pg.com

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