News from our Fund

Message to the victims of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake
We express our heartfelt sympathy to those who have been affected by the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake.
We realize that many people have been forced to live under harsh conditions, and are suffering a multitude of inconveniences. We, in the Fund's secretariat, will discuss measures and strive to support affected people as much as possible. It is our earnest wish that the disaster victims will be able to resettle and live quiet and peaceful lives again as quickly as possible.
Revision of English version of our website
We have revised our Fund's website to make it more user-friendly and easier to understand so that pensioners, beneficiaries waiting to reach the age when his/her pension will commence and other participants in our Fund can take advantage of this homepage more effectively.
  • The website has a choice of font sizes, large, medium and small. Please select the size that suits you best.
  • We have improved the content of the sections "Benefits of Our Fund" and "Services and Procedures". Also, you can download the documents required for your procedures. Please take full advantage of our Fund's new website!
  • ※Internet Explorer 6 is not supported. For those using this OS, they may have some difficulty viewing some parts of the website.